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Civilization $CIV: Decentralized Investing for Everyone

The world’s first Dex Fund

In 2021, over $1 billion in fees will be paid to Decentralized Liquidity providers, whether the market goes up, down or sideways. Can you tap into such wealth creation?

The Dex / Decentralized crypto space is exploding: in spite of the ups and downs of the market, the daily volume of transactions is simply staggering. Lots of innovation is happening.

The new idea of a Dex Fund is to be based on community and code. Different from the traditional fiat-money fund, typically based around a trusted, well-known team with secret / proprietary ideas, personal network, access to money and hierarchical organization.

Quite on the contrary, in a Dex Fund: community drives decision-making, software code drives investment, and overall the system is trust-less, not driven by famous people’s CV but by a set of performance-driven principles.

I have always been fascinated by the similarity between how decentralized human communities and artificial intelligence work. You will shortly connect these dots, too. But first, my inspiration behind launching the $CIV Civilization experiment.

Is it possible to give everyone a fair opportunity at financial freedom, independence, and success, regardless of their background, resources or personal network?

Imagine, what if in the crypto world everyone could access the opportunity to invest money with 1% target return every day. If successful, this would yield 30x the initial money by the end of year 1, the true democratization of finance: what would be the transformative impact on our civilization?

If you sustain a 1% return a day, 1 year later you would multiply your initial money by 30x. Compounding is the secret to financial freedom!

Now, the Dex, which is short for the Decentralized Exchange, is transforming the world of crypto. This is a huge idea: a new type of financial system, without any central authority, where everyone can create, trade and own crypto tokens.

Many of these tokens within the world of Dex promise incredible returns and the opportunity of explosive growth. However, too many of these projects are self-referential. And therefore doomed from day 1.

It is unfortunately not possible to increase the amount of wealth of a token project from inside the token itself, which is the reason why so many crypto projects are ultimately unsustainable. There must be an external source of wealth.

Initially, the source may be new people joining the token. Marketing the token brings more FOMO people, who bring new investment, and grow the value of the token. But at some point, this cannot be the only source of growth: once new people have joined, this engine stops, and here you go with the next pump-and-dump Ponzi-scheme project drying out with FUD as quickly as it had boomed initially.

$CIV is a different system, to give everyone a fair chance, today, right now.

A self-governed financial system that connects:

  • Investors large and small, looking to achieve financial freedom
  • Traders with ideas in need of capital
  • Marketers who share the idealistic appeal of the project and want to share in the benefits.

Trading on investment opportunities within the crypto space: Artificial Intelligence is opening up endless trading opportunities, and they can be designed to be trust-less, which means without the need to confide in any specific person or institution.

A decentralized community dedicated to designing, implementing and socializing artificial intelligence-powered trading ideas for the world to benefit from.

Guiding principles for the CIV community:

  1. 100% community focus. The CIV token is community-driven, without direct personal lock-in or control. Initial liquidity has been burned so that no one entity has admin interest or special rights. Token supply cannot be minted or changed further. Decisions are made by the community utilizing governance through a DAO; no secret marketing budget to drive interest, unless community controlled.
  2. Easy access for all. CIVilization is at the service of as many people in the world as possible. There is a zero minimum investment and the technical barrier to entry must be low — offering ease of use, a simple interface and intuitive rewards. Anybody must be able to explain CIV to anyone within 5 minutes. CIV continues to constantly evolve and improve through community input.
  3. Target 500% ETH average return per year. The CIV token enables access to trading of any crypto token, with ETH-based staking and rewards — an active and liquid currency. Any trading opportunity yielding high daily returns can be pursued, anywhere within the ETH eco-system, generating market-neutral, absolute total returns; for example, DEX Liquidity provides a brilliant initial opportunity area. There can be no guarantee of any specific % return every day but averaging out should target at least 5x return a year.
  4. Automated Artificial Intelligence. CIV uses smart contracts which implement trade ideas completely autonomously, and no person or entity has special permissions to change its operation. The investment wallet must be impenetrable from the outside and untouchable from the inside, thus protecting against all risks currently facing most DeFi projects. The auditing and vetting of the code form an integral part of the CIVilization community and ensures long-term ecosystem success.
  5. Price stability. The CIV token may have initial price swings, but when it reaches a critical mass of community and an established track record of returns, there will be an intrinsic incentive for price stability. If the token value should halve, a 10% a week return would become 20%, attracting more capital, and automatically bring the price back up to its equilibrium.
  6. Social mission. The CIVilization ethos of making financial freedom available to everyone demands that part of the yield is given back for social benefit. A portion of the financial returns is set aside for the benefit of those who are less fortunate. CIV does not engage in immoral, illegal or questionable practices such as front running, quite the contrary, CIVilization promotes sound investment practice for social benefit.
  7. Open innovation. CIVilization is based on new trading ideas which can be generated at any time, referred and vetted based on systematic performance analysis. Therefore, anyone can have their own projects implemented and attract capital to them, based on automated asset allocation. Lack of funds is not a barrier for brilliant technical people and traders to be able to benefit themselves and society.


The world of crypto is still in its infancy, and the Decentralized world of Dex even more so. Lots of inefficiencies and market opportunities to be grabbed.

How $CIV works, in detail:

  • $CIV tokens are actively traded on DEXs and can be acquired 24/7.
  • ETH is invested for profit, while CIV is the project’s store-of-value.
  • ETH returns are redeemed with 20% commissions.
  • 10% of the returns, which is half of the commissions, is used to buy and burn CIV.
  • Investors can buy and stake at any point, and redeem/unstake or sell at any pre-set daily or weekly window. It is designed for simplicity.


The $CIV community, collectively, works similarly to Artificial Intelligence: directly driven by a shared target outcome, evolving as it goes along, based on its environment conditions, without a central pre-defined authority. Better than any one individual or organization could ever do alone.

Trading strategies are deployed on $CIV because of its incentives. Imagine you have 10 $ETH to invest, with some 1% per day strategy you designed. Every day, you may make 0.1 $ETH (1% of 10 $ETH). But, if you also deploy it on $CIV, the same strategy earns 5% of the global pool returns. So, imagine 1,000 $ETH are deployed by $CIV on your strategy, the same 1% return generates 10 $ETH, of which 0.5 $ETH goes to you (5% of 1,000 $ETH).

As a trader, in this example your strategy would make you a 5x return without taking any additional risk.

Copying one of $CIV trading strategies as they will be published for auditing, will be theoretically feasible but would carry significant disadvantages compared to staking in $CIV: higher transaction fees, lower diversification, slower go-to-market, and greater effort. Clearly not every strategy will be suited for $CIV and its trustless 100% code-focused approach, but for those that are, they will find a safe home as we design and evolve appropriate safeguards.

For larger traders the community may even design further incentives, so long as they create synergies for the entire community then why not think creatively how to incentivize even more effectively? The beauty of decentralized: set the destination, and let the system find its own solutions over time.

Investors, in exchange, save time and energy from researching market opportunities every day, while achieving high returns for invested capital in a highly liquid currency like $ETH, simple and transparent. Trading commissions are only paid at exit, so the full power of compounding is preserved.

Telegram: https://t.me/civsettlers

Website: https://civfund.com

my contacts : 

 (Medium) @sator_crypto (telegram)

email: [email protected] (please use telegram)

Token’s address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x37fe0f067fa808ffbdd12891c0858532cfe7361d

Dextool tracking: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xed247449a7ca06db5b27b44b2c092f0b48bbdb77

Proof that 100% of LIQUIDITY IS BURNT: https://etherscan.io/token/0xed247449a7ca06db5b27b44b2c092f0b48bbdb77?a=0xdead000000000000000042069420694206942069

Will this experiment succeed?

Here is how you can help:

  • Investor: acquire $CIV, invest $ETH, join our Telegram community, participate in the governance, pick social projects to contribute to
  • Trader: contribute new ideas that can be implemented with automated smart contracts, and earn a commission on the entire pool
  • Marketer: spread the word, attract attention, simplify our message, amplify our impact across relevant platforms and communities.

We rely on the community to help improve and fine-tune the project, within the ethos and objectives that we have set out to accomplish:

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