Decentralized Investment Funds Come Together to Allow Greater Access for All

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 10, 2021 / Recently, Civilization has proudly announced the partnership with Unification Foundation, the famous blockchain solutions provider for enterprise. Civilization has been making waves in the world of Decentralized Investment Funds (DeFi) since its inception on July 31, 2021. Since that time, those active in crypto have taken notice and have been spreading the word to all potential investors. In just over a month, the company has generated 40 million dollars in Market Capitalization, secured over one thousand investors, and achieved three million dollars in Total Value Locked. Additionally, Civilization’s initial trading strategy has already demonstrated an average daily return of 1%, and their goal is to see a 500% in Annual Percentage Returns (APR) over the next twelve months.

Decentralized Investment Funds (DIF) aim to allow everyone in the world, regardless of current financial status, to participate in the exciting and lucrative world of investing. Previously, investment opportunities were reserved strictly for celebrities or those who already maintained a significant amount of wealth. Essentially, “the rich got richer”. DeFi has effectively made investing less exclusive by creating a self-regulated community of marketers, designers, investors, and ordinary people who can enter the investment world with no prior knowledge and enjoy the benefits that were only available to a small percentage of the population in the past.

By leveraging artificial intelligence technology, the partnership between Civilization and Unification Foundation eliminates the need to rely on “middle men” such as investment bankers and instead returns the power back to the hands of the investors themselves (relatd link: The result is an intuitive, reliable, incredibly efficient system where pre-existing power and name recognition offers no advantage to the investor. This ensures equality across the board when it comes to investing with DeFi.

Sator Settler, a co-founder of Civilization had the following to say about the opportunity provided through DeFi: “We are making decentralized finance available to investors, traders, marketers, artists, developers, and financial experts from all over the world. Exploiting the power of artificial intelligence to open up new trading strategies and crypto investment opportunities; without the need to confide in any specific person or institution.”

The co-founder and product lead for the Unification Foundation, Mazi Sadri went on to say: “We are excited to partner with civilization and Shibaswap to transform DeFi staking and smart investments. The anticipated Unification/xFund’s Oracle of Oracles (OoO) will help prevent price hacks and provide the best prices for the DIF Fund to maximize returns and net asset value for fund participants. We believe in the team’s architecture and performance-driven principles, which are enshrined in auditable code. The community is effectively its own bank, funding projects chosen by community-appointed leaders and by DAO-voting for major strategic decisions.”

Anyone interested in obtaining more information about anything included in this release or for press inquiries are encouraged to contact Sator Settler at [email protected] or visit for more information. Sator Settler is a co-founder of Civilization, a Decentralized Investment Fund, which created the Civilization token on July 31st of 2021.