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Tribes Of CIVians

Towards conquering DeFi, and beyond

Time to evolve our community

Our next chapter: CIV Tribes
Community work is more than a hobby: duty and responsibility count towards achieving the market leadership we deserve. Building on our levels of CIVians, the new Tribes add community organizational structure to the main activities driving growth and value creation.

Each Tribe is a focused working group, with a specific area of reference within the broader community mandate.

  • Tribe membership is open to all members willing and able to dedicate time and effort to the growth of $CIV.

Similar to how Shytoshi Kusama planned Shiba’s Breeds, even if with different focus and language, each Civilization Tribe is headed by an Alpha to spearhead contribution to the community and availability to take on greater responsibility. They align priorities, onboard new members and keep the Tribe focused.

Initial Tribes include:

Together we can

My New Year letter suggested some news, which keep unfolding as I type; we have the responsibility to continue to build on the work of our fantastic Dev team, feeding us unexpected beauty such as CivTrade ProView.

The world’s first totally DeFi order book, the cheaper gas fees than Uniswap, and the endorsement of
Vitalik Buterin
— major pillars. #CIVians love you VB. And even more than that, we share a journey and ambition towards #DeFi #ForEveryone!

Our DAO vote set the direction: ahead we have milestones requiring effort, ambition and alignment.

The strength and commitment of our volunteers is distinctive.

Myriads of people from all over the world contribute to creating, developing and maintaining the unique value of $CIV. Community relationships and bonds make every day light and pleasant.


Our next chapter is going to be led by our new CIV Tribes. Join them today: we have all been chosen by CIV for a purpose, so let CIV guide & inspire your actions through active Tribe membership.

How do you feel about Tribes?

PS: To learn more about Civilization, please read our vision blog post:

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