Original article By Daniela Kirova: https://invezz.com/news/2021/11/18/civilization-launches-civtrade-closing-defi-trading-functionality-gap/

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) rose from near zero to over $100 billion in TVL in just a year. Despite this growth, most crypto trading is still on centralized exchanges, which are very similar to traditional ones that don’t offer this type of trading.

Audited product allows Zero Impact Trades execution

So far, DeFi trading has suffered from more limited trading functionality and relatively higher transaction costs. The functionality gap could be closed with the release of CivTrade by Civilization, the first hedge fund fully controlled by its investors.

CivTrade is an audited product that lets anyone carry out Zero Impact Trades to maximize swap return and avoid hidden costs on DEXs. It will disrupt crypto trading as well as traditional finance as the first product offering fully automated DeFi order book management and DeFi limit order trades.

Powered by Chainlink Keepers, safe trade execution

Any trade on decentralized exchanges can use methods usually reserved for centralized exchanges because CivTrade is powered by Chainlink (LINK/USD) Keepers. This integration enables easy and safe execution of trades, doing away with the majority of costs associated with DeFi trading via the Ethereum (ETH/USD) blockchain while automating all aspects of the trade at the same time.

Tomasz Wojewoda, Head of Global Sales at Chainlink Labs, commented:

By using Chainlink Keepers, Civilization showcases how liquidity pools can become powerful tools for automating the execution of trades based on market conditions.

Sator Settler, a cofounder of Civilization, added:

Chainlink is the most reliable, visionary and exciting technology provider in DeFi today. Together, we are making DeFi easier and cheaper for everyone. For example, if an investor wanted to purchase 100 Ethereum worth of our token CIV, our tests show that they would receive up to 91.1% more tokens using our CivTrade compared to traditional swap systems.

Solving pain points with DeFi

CivTrade solves fees, price impacts, front-running, slippage, and other major pain points with DeFi. It makes it possible to open “real limit trades” by defining the target size and price of each trade. CivTrade can be expected to disrupt the $2 billion of funds traded across DEXs daily, where both hidden and visible costs can hinder overall market activity.