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SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 30, 2021 / Working Towards The World’s First Decentralized Investment Fund. ShibaSwap, the exchange recently launched by the 600,000+ member-strong Shiba Inu decentralized community, awarded today special status and rewards to the Civilization token, marking its first major milestone.

Shytoshi Kusama, Project Manager of Shiba Inu, says: “Entering the ShibaSwap WOOF List demonstrates the commitment and initial success of the new Civilization movement, born from the DeFi community“.

Launched on July 31st, the $CIV token on Ethereum by the Civilization community makes the benefits of decentralized investment accessible to everyone, also thanks to its new partnership with Shibaswap.

Civilization and Shibaswap are mutually reinforcing: this partnership builds awareness for the relatively new, fully decentralized exchange of Shiba Inu; while it also showcases the new CIV investment fund technology. Soon, Shibaswap members will gain access to the CIV platform investment with its long-term benefits, providing the whole Shiba community with new purpose and opportunities.

With over $40 million in Market Capitalization already and over $3 million in Total Value Locked, Civilization (https://civfund.com/) is rapidly progressing towards its goal of using artificial intelligence to build the first DIF (Decentralized Investment Fund).

Acquiring the new privileged WOOF-list status on Shibaswap will allow those Civilization investors who choose to provide liquidity to the token to gain additional benefits: trading fees, plus extra rewards in Bone tokens, as well as part of the 100,000 CIV token rewards reserved each month for Shibaswap liquidity holders.

Above and beyond this listing, the CIV decentralized community aims to transform Defi staking and investment, by enabling community-driven decision making through software-driven investment, in a trustless system. Performance-driven principles enshrined in auditable code. The community is effectively its own bank, funding projects chosen by community-appointed leaders and DAO-voting for major strategic decisions.

Civilization aims that ultimately everybody will be able to gain a fair opportunity of financial freedom, independence and success, regardless of background, resources or personal network: an impact that would likely be felt well beyond the world of crypto.

Decentralized Investment Funds (DIF): what are they?

Decentralized Investment Funds are new types of automated technology platforms built together by three dedicated human communities:

Sator, the initial Founder of the Civilization community, claims: “we have designed a finely tuned balance of incentives for everyone to work together in a trustless, anonymous way, for the mutual benefit of all – Investors, Traders, Marketers, Artists, Developers, and Financial Experts from all over the world. Exploiting the power of Artificial Intelligence to open up crypto investment opportunities“.