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Civilization aims to build the world’s first Dex Fund, transforming the way staking and investing is done, with 100% auditable code and eventually automated multi-strategy selection for maximum yield with minimum risk.

What is Civilization (CIV)?

Civilization, also known as Burning Man of Finance, is the world’s first Decentralized Investment Fund. CIV derives from the initials of Community Investment Vehicle: the world’s first hedge fund directly owned and managed by its own investors.

The goal is to generate enough returns to become self-sufficient. The first product, CivTrade already released on app.civfund.org : implements fully decentralized limit trading on DeFi using one-sided liquidity pools on uniswap v3: 0 price impact, 0 slippage, 0 front-running, 0 liquidity ratios, 0 risks . But 100% control over the execution price and 100% liquidity gained while the market trades your position!

Civilization intends to launch CivFarm and CivFund next to make the benefits of Decentralized Finance accessible to everyone.

How Does Civilization (CIV) Work?

The new idea of ​​a Dex Fund is to be community and code based. Different from the traditional fiat money fund, normally based on a trusted and known team with secret/proprietary ideas, personal network, access to money and hierarchical organization.

Quite the contrary, in a Dex Fund: the community drives decision-making, the software code drives investment, and, in general, the system is less reliable, driven not by the curriculum of famous people, but by a set of guiding principles. to performance.

The CIV project token can be used as:

How was the Civilization project (CIV) born?

Civilization was inspired by the vision of the great Ryoshi, who envisioned and demonstrated the power of a fully decentralized community with Shiba. This original experiment evolved into a decentralized community with a clear initial purpose – to disrupt traditional finance and create a source of income for the community that is external to the ecosystem itself.

Civilization started from meeting friends from different backgrounds: community builders, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traditional managers. Originally it was privately commissioned as a system to generate automated income, but later it turned out that the system was so interesting that the first friends decided to donate it entirely to the community. In this way, it can grow stronger, faster, better – and more sustainable in the long term too. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go along.

Civilization (CIV): Market Expectation

We are in the midst of historic changes in the economic system. Ordinary people using their handheld devices are transforming the role of Central Banks, Hedge Funds and Financial Institutions. Blockchain technology is changing the way we perceive, interact and use money. The world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of the hottest areas for cryptocurrencies right now, having experienced explosive growth in 2021. But all of this is still accessible only to a few tech-savvy investors.

The Civilization cryptocurrency community, whose members choose to call themselves CIVians, has launched the CIV token to bring the benefits of decentralized finance to everyone. Its new “Decentralized Investment Fund” (DIF) will be the first fully community-led, automated, decentralized fund to allow anyone to make markets and earn fees. The initial trading strategy has already demonstrated an average daily return of 1%, and its goal is to build a technology that generates at least 500% Annual Percentage Returns (APR) over the next twelve months.

CIVs can enjoy significant economic benefits from CIV ownership:

All investment activity is fully automated, so CIV works hard while investors reap the rewards without the unnecessary trial and error of ever-evolving markets. Rewards will be tracked through dedicated review pages, updated in real time.

What to expect from a Decentralized Investment Fund?

Decentralized Investment Funds (DIF) bring together three dedicated human communities:

The aim is to enable everyone in the world, regardless of their current financial situation, to participate in the exciting and profitable world of investing. Previously, investment opportunities were strictly reserved for celebrities or those who already possessed significant wealth. Essentially, “the rich got richer”. But this new type of fund promises to make investing much more inclusive, creating a self-regulating community of marketers, designers, investors and ordinary people who can enter the investing world without prior knowledge and enjoy benefits that were once available only to a select few. .

How can a fully decentralized community be aligned to shared goals?

Getting a decentralized community to play productive roles can sometimes be a challenge. To avoid degenerating into anarchy, all CIVians subscribe to shared core values, which must be rigorously applied on a day-to-day basis:

The Civilization white paper, self-styled CivPaper, describes the broader ethos of the CIVians:

CIV token?

CIV launched on July 31, 2021 with exactly 300 million Tokens created in genesis. The token is an audited, non-negotiable contract. 100% of the token supply was committed to a Uniswap v2 liquidity pair, and the liquidity token was immediately burned to avoid risk of hacking or pulling the rug.

What is the difference between buying the token and investing in the fund?

Buying CIV is similar to buying traditional shares of traditional investment funds: it has an extremely attractive return profile, but different from investing in the underlying fund; significantly more potential for price increase, but also more potential for price volatility.

Civilization Price Forecast (CIV)?

The price of Civilization is predicted to peak at $0.4860 throughout 2022.
As early as 2023 according to our crypto price prediction index, Civilization (CIV) may reach a maximum level of $0.935, with the average trading price of $0.695.

In 2025 according to our crypto price prediction index, CIV is expected to cross an average price level of $1.127. The minimum expected value of the Civilization price at the end of the current year should be $1.041. Furthermore, CIV can reach a maximum price level of $1.149.

Where to buy CIV token?

CIV cryptocurrency can be traded on the following exchanges:


The launch of this first automated investment fund could have repercussions across the wider investment world. From there, the developers plan a v2 to introduce multi-strategy capability and expansion for off-chain investment ideas, followed by the launch of a governance/benefits rewards token which, unlike CIV, can be minted proportionately to time and value bet.