buy on civtrade buy on uniswap dextools chart
buy on civtrade buy on uniswap dextools chart

ETH contract: 0x73a83269b9bbafc427e76be0a2c1a1db2a26f4c2

Stone ($0NE – a zero, not a letter) is the utility token of the Civilization ecosystem. Current utility includes sharing in the ownership of Civilization’s intellectual property, payment for Civilization utility NFTs and items at, donating to charity (subject to community consensus, in terms of what charity to donate to, not whether the token has the utility of being used for donations), and participating in the governance of CivFarm. $0NE will have the utility of buying credits in our own game when released.

Stone’s massive total supply is capped at 1 quadrillion tokens (1,000,000,000,000,000). 20% was minted at launch, half of which is locked for liquidity pools and the other half for future distribution to IDO investors. The remaining 80% is reserved exclusively for CivFarm, minted when the dApp went live and its smart contract launched.

$0NE has a 4.5% transfer tax that was defined by DAO vote. The current intention is to have it gradually decrease over time so as to reward long-term holders. This will be ultimately subject to DAO consensus, however. Whenever a transaction tax is applied, 50% is allocated to burn $CIV and 50% to burn $0NE.

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CivFarm is Civilization's staking and farming platform. We believe that life on the digital farm should not be subject to risks like impermanent loss. CivFarm reduces these risks by pooling individuals to tap into liquidity provision. Liquidity providers on CivFarm not only earn fees by providing liquidity via the protocol but also obtain the ecosystem's utility token, Stone ($0NE).

Stone gives holders governance access to the CivFarm platform and a say in defining allocation points (“AP”) within the platform. Weighting or exposure in various liquidity pools is driven by the DAO and is adapted to the changing market environment in which the community operates.

CivFarm allows users to manage their assets over time through staking Civilization ecosystem native tokens, staking additional tokens decided by DAO vote, providing liquidity to major pairs in the Civilization ecosystem (i.e. CIV:ETH), providing liquidity to LPs decided by DAO vote, and staking the NFT Emerald Civilization collection.

Staking tokens and farming LPs is only possible in the window decided by the DAO. Staking and farming conditions are subject to change, either partially or entirely – new proposals and changing existing conditions are always welcome. If re-evaluating farming conditions has the community decide to make changes, they will be implemented and reflected accordingly. Staking the NFT Emerald Civilization collection is intended to reward community members who have helped sustain the project over the long-term for their risk, patience, and investment into the community.

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Ticker: 0NE (NUMBER Zero+ne)
Supply: 1 Quadrillion tokens - 1,000,000,000,000,000
Capped: Max supply fixed at the initial launch
Tax: 4,5% initial transfer tax FOR BURNING.
Transfers taxable as defined by the DAO
and decreasing over time.
Lock: 10% of total supply locked for liquidity.
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While $CIV remains the Civilization’s ecosystem Store of Value, $0NE (Stone) plays the role of the utility token of the Civilization ecosystem.
Following the DAO vote, the community defined the utility of the new token:

Automatic Buy and Burn based on the initial transfer tax will contribute to $CIV and ALSO $0NE deflation, topping up the mechanism already powered by our products as described in the CivPaper.

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To acquire $0NE (STONE), you can:

Furthermore, anyone who joined the RT1 and RT2 initial token rights sale, will receive $0NE as soon as the unlock milestones will be reached (+33%, +66% and +100% organic price growth sustained for at least 24 hours).

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When any transaction tax is applied it will be allocated as follows:
50% Burn $CIV
50% Burn $0NE

The transfer tax will initially be set around 4.5% and gradually decrease over time based on DAO votes, to reward long-term holders.

Market Cap and Launch Price

Stone has been launched with the creation of a liquidity pool on Uniswap v3 paired with $ETH.

Supply of $0NE in liquidity 10%

Launch price $0.00000003

ETH contract address: 0x73a83269b9bbafc427e76be0a2c1a1db2a26f4c2

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Civilization is the world’s first Decentralized Investment Fund: owned and managed directly by its own investors. Token $CIV: the Community Investment Vehicle.

Its CivTrade traded over $15 million, earning $1,718 extra per trade while saving -35% gas versus Uniswap. The ProView upgrade achieved functional equivalence with Binance, but fully DeX / DeFi.

Also branded the Burning Man of Finance, Civilization now plans CivFarm and CivFund, to make the benefits of Decentralized Finance accessible to everyone. Any questions? Please join the global Telegram group.

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