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Announcements for the Civilization token

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10 minutes to the start of the OpenZeppelin webinar!
Dear CIVians, the second and final phase of our new token sale is completed!

Thanks to this wonderful community's generosity and initiative, 431,028.00 USDT have been raised: now deposited in our donations wallet for the future growth of our eco-system. Remaining tokens remain available for institutional investors and strategic partners!

The RT2 tokens acquired in the initial sale have already been distributed to all positions: so, you can see them in CivTrade ("my trades" section). You can close your position and claim tokens at any time; the auto-closing was paused and will run over the weekend at a time of lower gas prices, for optimal use of community resources.

Stay tuned for more news on the next steps and LFG!
The RT2 distribution is now complete: to see this token in your wallet, use its contract ID 0x3d4f3b1958bc1da345fbc18e80e36cd152a2c7c0
Important milestones for CivTrade Target Price Orders!

➡️ 1,000+ CivTrades submitted, 400+ auto-closed
➡️ $15+ million traded, 12% average gain vs Uniswap
➡️ 0.79%+ average LP fee earned by traders
➡️ $2,000+ fees generated for future $CIV burns
➡️ 200+ CivTrades of our new token launchpad
➡️ 0.0 slippage, price impact, bots, liquidity payments
➡️ 42%+ average gas savings vs Uniswap

All stats are based on blockchain publicly verifiable data: check block explorers (Etherscan, Polygonscan) and CivTrade analytics for details
Dear CIVians, I have just signed the approval for reduction in our CivTrade protocol fees by 90% on Polygon and by 55% on Ethereum!

This saving is unlocked by the huge gas efficiency of CivTrade v2: now you can be guaranteed to EARN with each trade.

The new average protocol fee of 0.09% on Polygon and 0.39% on Ethereum will cover auto-monitoring and closing of the position.

Our protocol fee is on average less than 50% of the liquidity fees EARNED. No protocol fees on Market / Instant orders.

CivTraders are always better off than traditional swappers! Onwards and upwards, CIVians
#CIVians, marketing plan is live:

Tomorrow we will have an AMA on the global chat at 6 pm UTC to discuss the plan together 🔥 waiting for your feedback and your questions! #WeAreCIV 🦊🍀
We have published technical specifications for direct access to CivTrade via API and Smart Contracts, so that professional traders can use the system at scale. These are now online at:
@kiyf2004 is launching our new Traders Tribe at - join and contribute your ideas that can be implemented with automated smart contracts, create synergies for the entire community and earn you commissions!
$120,000 of CIV were just burnt, and we reached #1 trending on Coingecko. Happy CIV Easter everyone!
1,219,057 CIV burnt. New circulating supply submitted to Etherscan, CG, CMC and Vulkania: 298,663,882 CIV.

This burn came from an anonymous community contributor, thank you!

Reminder: the new token, as well as all our trading and investment products, will continue to contribute to CIV buy-and-burns as per plan.

PS. The new token launch will be within the next 2 weeks
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From Twitter: ☄️Introducing New Token Launch Plan - less than 10 days towards the first step of #CivFarm
📘 Read more here:

#HappyEaster #cryptocurrency #CryptoNews
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From Twitter: Heads Up #CIVians, New Token launches within the next 48 hours! 🔥🗞️ Be ready!
Our first permanent patent, following up the provisional one filed in October, has just been deposited with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This first filing seeks to protect the intellectual property of CivTrade and ProView. Now we await acknowledgment and processing: to remind everyone, CIV benefits from products income and “new token” fomally owns the intellectual property. All our future products will be similarly protected. Together, products and tokens form a deflationary ecosystem aimed at burning and growing price over time. LFG!
The launch of the Stone token with ticker 0NE (zero - N - E) is live, with contract address: 0x73a83269b9bbafc427e76be0a2c1a1db2a26f4c2
As of today, around $25,000 of CIV and 300,000,000,000 of Stone were burnt, both already reflected on Etherscan. The first distribution of Stone to RT holders has been completed. And the development + testing of CivFarm continues. We are learning a lot in the process, towards capturing the extraordinary long-term potential of our ecosystem!
#CIVians, The second planned distribution of #0NE tokens to RT holders has just been completed! #WeAreCIV
Reminder: when the price will hold for 24 more hours, the last planned distribution will take place⬇️
CivTrade has been upgraded to add support STONE and solve other user-flagged issues, including an annoying Metamask warning. The new version is already live, please let us know your feedback and have a great weekend full of surprises, everyone!
Civilization technology now officially has a dual mission: benefitting CIV holders through direct use of its tools, and benefitting STONE holders through licensing of the technology for use by other projects. Clear utility towards further growth of our ecosystem
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Hey everyone, I’m really excited to introduce the Civilization Charity wallet! The Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet is a secure location for our community and ecosystem to deposit funds to be used for charitable endeavors. To ensure the funds are used appropriately, any charitable contributions will need to be voted on by the DAO. At least 20% of the total supply must participate in the vote to consider it valid. The signers for the wallet will be @nihiLismistheway, @JohnNukumi, @Fa1c0, @awetop_84, and @dErho23 and will require 3 out of 5 for approval.