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Announcements for the Civilization token

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That's all for this Tuesday
If you want to contribute, just shout, of join one of the Tribes
In a DeFi environment, we are only as good as the sum of our contributions, and one person cannot be a team <3
Today at 7 PM UTC, final vote of the The DAO World Cup by $CIV 🌏
It’s time for the best DAOs to win a FREE pool on CivFarm
The DAO World Cup Final by $CIV 🌏 is live 👇🏆

🎯CivFarm DAO ($0NE stakers) can vote a single DAO or spread their vote across multiple ones

🗓️End Jan 21st 7:00 pm UTC

And now... May the best DAO win!
Last hours for The DAO World Cup Final by $CIV 🌏. What will be the final result?
First DAO World Cup by $CIV 🌏 is over!
Congratulations to the 3 DAOs that win a FREE pool on #CivFarm
🥇#SAITAMA @WeAreSaitama
🥈 $CULT @wearecultdao
🥉 $FUND @UnificationUND

New pools will be available from February and for the duration of 90 days. Details are coming soon🔥 Link
The lunar calendar is based on the 🌕 "Quot."

#HappyChineseNewYear2023 by $CIV family! May you and your family have a healthy and prosperous year of the rabbit. 🐇 🙏🙏 Support our last post
📖#CivFund next milestone and updates

🗓️Friday Jan. 27th 5:30 pm UTC
📍 $CIV Tg community 👇🏻
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Prepare your questions and curiosities. This is our moment, let's ride it 🔍🔍LINK
hello everyone, there are so many things happening every week, big and small, and it is only right that they are communicated.
So, the weekly Work
Traders Tribe: have made good progress on the strategies side, they are getting to our initial target of delta and gamma neutral strategies which can survive any market with decent returns.
You can help bring new talented people into the team. Doors open. If you know talented traders please loop them in.
Traders and Marketing Tribes - are planning a series of formal meetings to present CivFund to large and medium-sized investors.
You can help build an extensive network of opportunities (Funds, Financial Institutions, big investors). If you know any, please organize an intro.
Marketing Tribe: preparing the AMA about the Fund, happening this Friday as per pinned message.
You can help promote this AMA event, bring your friends, share on your social channels, IRL: we want to increase the audience as much as possible.
Creative / Branding Tribes: the new website will be ready in 10 days max. The ideas to promote the fund got approved and first video and content are already in production.
You can help participating ideation, or looping in producers to review the work
Do your best to help: in a community-driven environment, we are only as good as the sum of our contributions.
Good work everyone
TODAY, 5:30 pm UTC! Don't miss our AMA 🚀
#CivFund next milestone and updates.

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Share the event and flock to it. There will be fun to be had
From the window here we are currently looking at the (not for long) competition just in front. #CivFund

Today's ama was amazing! Thanks to our community for the incredible support you provide us every day.
You can read it from the beginning:
Good morning CIVians, in yesterday's ama there was exciting news.
The time has come, #CivFund is uploading 🔋
DAO proposal for CivFund Pilot is live 👇

End⌛️: Jan 30th 11:59 pm UTC
Staked $CIV holders can vote the proposal