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Announcements for the Civilization token

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⬇️ #CIVians, new #CivTrade features live ⬇️

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ℹ️ New INFO button for every submitted CivTrade
⚡️ Faster & more consistent UI loading with polished up branding

Always "0-fee except gas" & huge trader benefits. 💰💰💰

More 🆕🆕🆕 news soon & always #UseCivTrade
Forwarded from Franco
Everyone has their own art form🧑‍🎨🖼. And CIVians are no different! Why not show it to all $CIV community members⁉️

What is CivArtists? This idea allows CIVians to show to the community their own artwork and to sell them on the Opensea marketplace through the official CivArtist channel. But that's not all. For every artwork sold 10% of sales are destined for the CIV donation wallet to boost community activities 🥳👻

For information on how to share your artwork in CivArtists, contact @nihiLismistheway.
Chainlink officially tweeted our joint project review in-depth, also announcing next week's event. Read more at: and don't forget to like the Tweet & clap the Medium story (up to 50 claps allowed!)
Getting closer to 300 CivTrades! Reminders: you can see your new CivTrade on the notifications channel typically even before it's posted to the app page with "your trades", due to how the blockchain works. Also, you can mint the third NFT in our launch series with every new CivTrade position. LFG!
CivTrade data shows:
- 326 trades so far, of which 282 on Polygon and 44 on Eth mainnet
- $3.5mln USD traded, average $10.6k per trade, $52k on mainnet
- 44% average trader gain on 43 trades already auto-filled, 55% on Polygon
- $1.7mln USD trades open right now, of which $721k on mainnet
- Daily number of trades consistently growing, on a weekly rolling basis

PS thank you anonymous CIVian who helped put this together, manually for now
So far, a large number of CivTrades (223 on 326) targets CIV output, somewhat still missing out on the broader opportunity of using CivTrade for the 5,000 other tokens supported, of which many with higher volumes and liquidity! Way to go, let's share our secret tool for 44% average gains per trade with the rest of the world
Among all 100+ CivTraders, the most prolific has already CivTraded 31 times, and at least 6 have already used CivTrade on both blockchains supported, Polygon Matic and Ethereum mainnet - potentially more traders, if they use different wallets
CivTrade email notifications now further improved: this is a free service to keep track of your trading activity!

Use any email you want, the subscription is per-wallet. For example: a free, private and secure ProtonMail or Gmail account for each trading wallet.

Subscribe or unsubscribe directly on the trading confirmation message, or at any point using the menu on the top-right of CivTrade.
You will receive an email with each new trade opened and closed, and every 3 days a general status update on the open trades.

LFG #UseCivTrade
The average CivTrader gained $446 per trade net of gas costs, with $1,718 gained per trade on Ethereum mainnet where trade sizes are larger, and $61 per trade on Polygon where gas costs are negligible.

These are auto-filled trades, excluding open and user-closed. Compares the CivTrade $ output as of Jan 16th with a traditional swap, executed on the same date of the CivTrade.

Thanks anonymous CIVian for help with this AMAZING analysis on the advantages of #UseCivTrade !
Such gains have been obtained versus traditional swaps, regardless of whether the market went up, down or sideways: #UseCivTrade resulted in more tokens for the trader and therefore a net benefit versus swapping.
CivTrade new released features:

➡️Mobile UI inferface improvement
➡️Improved “Set $” feature
➡️$ helpers in the set target price window
➡️Smooth trade submission

What else? Oh CivTrade v2 is coming 👀
From now & for the next 24 hours: get FREE Elite Emerald 2000 NFT

—> Buy at least 2 ETH worth of CIV
—> Hold for at least 14 days
—> Redeem on Opensea in the following 7 days
Only until 6pm CET (Paris time) of Monday 24 January 2022

Each wallet may acquire max 5 NFT with this campaign. Every CIVian old & new welcome to participate!


NOTE: disqualified if any CIV sold before the 14 days.